Lina Raven

The AI art NFT was created by using AI to generate the base art. The art is a part of the Prosperian Community Collection, a 1050 asset collection created by and for the Prosperian community. The collection is 100% AI generated and created by members of the Prosperia CNFT community.

While the art is AI generated, it still requires creativity in the process. Much of the art is given additional post editing by the creator. AI art is still an expression of the individual creating it and is given reverence as a form of art.

All Prosperian AI art is initial available via auction on the Prosperia Discord server. It can only be purchased in exchange for the $PRSPR utility token at the point of initial trade. Once the buyer owns the NFT he/she is free to do whatever they want with it. Same as any other NFT on the Cardano blockchain.

The collection is an open, unlocked policy ID collection. Prosperia releases new assets each week and limits the amount of added supply with demand and other variables.

  • Museum Rating

    C) Rare

  • Military

    F) Intelligence

  • Family

    F) Raven

  • Artist


  • Special


  • Type


  • Status


  • Faction


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